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Trying it out - Reillytrooper - 03-10-2012

Hey guys I'm going to try EVE online out and well does anyone still play it? If you do please send me a message or just comment below thanks and have a nice day.

Trying it out - Pallos - 03-10-2012

I'm not sure anyone is playing on a regular basis anymore.

Trying it out - Reillytrooper - 03-11-2012

Oh well I have been installing it all day and it's not done but still the 14 day trial is a good deal to bad swtor couldn't have done it with their 30 day trial

Trying it out - Doc - 03-27-2012

Afraid my Eve pilots are on life support at the moment. It is IMO the best MMO ever made, but as we are all playing TOR, that is where I have been spending my time(when not dealing with RL troubles).

Trying it out - QuorTek - 07-03-2012

got a couple of pilots in EvE as well here