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SWG News

We interupt your regularly scheduled boredom with this special news story:

Last Sunday, the new 'Galactic Senate' had its 1st Convocation. Among Items discussed were the limits on how many Community Petitions, now called 'Bills', a single senator can have present on the forums at any given time.

More importantly, they also discussed Credit Farming and Spamming. The Developer resentative 'GreyPawn' stated that despite thier most sincere attempts at control, such as stationing CSRs at the Starports and banning them as they appear, Randomly teleporting them to the wilderness, Striking them Mute, or even outright killing them, The Spammers are still there. Greypawn has asked the senators to discuss possible game changes that would hinder the Farmers, stop the spammers etc.

Much argument ensued over the Spammer question, some wanting to filter chat but as GreyPawn pointed out "t h a t u$u@lly d03sn't werk." Other suggested solutions was to cut off the credit farmers supply, by removing AFK Entertainer Grinding, which the farmers use to gain CL 90 'Combat' Entertainer skills overnight. Also discussed such measures as making Player City Mission terminals only work for the citizens.

While no conclusive decision was made, the Senate now has a thread open on the Senate forums to continue debate and they are welcoming constructive Ideas from their respective communities.

In a related story, violence marred the 1st Senate Convocation as well, as an AFK Enternainer reportedly name 'Credit Farmer' Was found dead at the entrance to the Senate building. No single person has been fond to be responsible, the Blaster wounds were too numerous to Identify, even GreyPawn managed to look guilty.

Therez a galactic senate now?
"But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." - Luke 12:48

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"With great power comes great responsibility" - Ben Parker (Spiderman)


New Name for the old Correspondant system, but now 'acting' more formal by virtue of the name 'Senate'

Yeah something else SOE changed without actually doing anything. Rolleyes
"Return with Honor."-Saberwing motto.


DDD Wrote:Therez a galactic senate now?

I've just received word that the Emperor has dissolved the council permanently.
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Q, what's with the necroing?
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someonez was bored ?

Archangel Wrote:Q, what's with the necroing?

game still lives.

well thier is this latest thing called hoth . It's big . It's cold , and it's quite fun . Did we mention it's COLD ! ...

kateria Wrote:well thier is this latest thing called hoth . It's big . It's cold , and it's quite fun . Did we mention it's COLD ! ...

Told you hawt pants not would go that place.

I know Sad

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