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Anyone still playing this?

Picked up the trial again (3rd time) and this time I managed to make it through the tutorials enough to understand the game. Will likely sub to it shortly

Doc, Arch, Sonic, myself, and several others are still playing. If you are serious about giving it a go, let me know and I'll send you some walking around money. The most important thing to understand is that it takes years to understand the whole game.
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finished my 14 day trial last night. I got someone from my old guild to send me the 21 day buddy trial and then will send the plex to me.

Im gonna create my main account today or tomorow.

Are you all a small group/corporation on there or part of something bigger? All the same faction? I was thinking about Caldari for now.

Took a while but I got through a lot of the hard stuff in the tutorial and it all makes sense now. Made it through destroyer and got my caldari missile cruiser to play with for a few days.

Ill play it for a bit.. casual of course. But ya let me know what you all are up to in game and Ill say hi if I see you all online.

Faction is rather pointless except it influences how your character looks. Otherwise you can train and learn any skill.

We are small and hardly active anymore. We do have an alliance with another corp that is also small, european but more active.
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let me know your names so I can look you all up

Krom CT5597

Ghent, do you have access the Eve forum in the private section?

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