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Movies to look forward to in 2007

Transformers the movie (the 2nd teaser trailer much more revealed)

Spiderman 3 (the 2nd teaser trailer much more revealed)

Ghost Rider

Fantastic Four 2

Can't wait for Transformers and Ghost Rider Big Grin

Don't forget about 300...

...anyone else know they're making a Darkon movie...?

...anyone else know what Darkon is? Look it up.
"Chain of command? Do you know what the chain of command is?! It's the chain I get to beat you with until you listen to me!" -Firefly


Letters from Iwo Jima

and yes it will have English subtitles!
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There is a new harry potter movie this year too. Shouldn't there be another narnia movie as well?

Letters and 300 look to be of the most interest though.
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Harry Potter 5 is the one I'm waiting for. The second Fantastic Four too. (I think I'm one of the few that liked the first.) Ghost Rider looks decent as well. Spider Man 3 I will watch, but I didn't really like the first two so I'm not expecting much.
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Oooh, I forgot about Narnia... are they putting out all 7 books? (i think it's 7... or is it 9, i forget)

I think these all can be agreed are the most awaited:
Letters from Iwo Jima

Harry Potter can die. :fullauto:
"Chain of command? Do you know what the chain of command is?! It's the chain I get to beat you with until you listen to me!" -Firefly

Thinking there are 4 or 5 narnia books.
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Looking forward to all those movies.....and it should come as no surprise Kirby, I liked the first Fantastic Four as well

My choices r:
shrek the third is also comin out
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