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PvP Event: Talus Base 8:30 EST

Hope to see you all there!!!
We will try to get a group up around 8-8:15 to get things started.
I might see if Attolia could buff us....or she'll bring her spy.
Should be an awesome time and we'll show those Imperials what it means to fight!
[Image: BRQ8v.gif]

Great work! SBR helped repel the Imperial invaders and the Rebels won! Quortek had 95 kills and I had 80-85 myself. It was alot of fun and I'm looking forward to the next one!
[Image: BRQ8v.gif]

Well this time they got steam rolled hehe


O wait... You said Steam rolled.... My bad...

Meryl Haddox Wrote:

O wait... You said Steam rolled.... My bad...


[Image: BRQ8v.gif]

we came we saw an we annhilated the gimperial slime back to corruscant . Was bad enough they got massacred at talus . but we chased them impies all the way to rori an restuss an continued the beat down . Chasing the imps from restuss . It was a proud day to be a rebel .

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