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Is anyone ever going to go back to SWG? Reason I ask is free transfers are offered OFF of Starsider. I really dont want to leave, but if no one is going back, I might as well.

I have zero plans / desires to ever return to swg . two years gone an not comming back to that . I'll be in tor tho !

Alright, check Kat off list (NOT that LIST...just a list). Oh I'll be playing TOR for sure...this is just a side game until the blasted thing actually goes live...kind of like TDU2. For now anyway.

Starsider is still the biggest server, the free transfer is just optional you don't have to do it, just select ask me in another year, i'm still playing once soe gets everything back on track that is. However once TOR comes out i'm canceling all my SOE accounts.

Yea I know its optional but what Im getting at is, the majority of SBR doesnt play SWG anymore so why stay? Id live my days on a quiet server.

BTW Cill, the servers are up Big Grin .

Zombie you still play lotro at all ? hehe I still occasionally pop in there from time to time . an could grind a character up easy enough .

I do actually. Im on Brandywine server leolas is me name (I'll have to confirm the spelling though Tongue )

I thought starsider was the busiest server? So why transfer to an even deader server?
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There's really no one left on Starsider to hang out with anymore arch. If I went to say Bria...Id die off my toon with no lag Big Grin . Not throwing in the towel yet though, still holding out for a play test invite for TOR.

Well since SOE decided to give away all my personal info, and my credit card number. I get 45 days free!!! Does Identity theft pay off or what?! So I may try it out again.

Downloaded the client last night and will use my 45 days starting today. So I am up for some fun there like in good old times. Haven't even done the heroic instances yet...

I updated it....don't know how long I'll play or if I'll hop on - so stinking busy with school ending.
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There is always minecraft too.......
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Don't know how much I will play actually. Tried it again last night but it felt... strange... and I felt like a nub. And combat doesn't have much variation - but that's nothing new.

I was on, my officer's expertise was reset. My D'hors still rocks. But I'm still able to remember everything - spending all those days worth of time on SWG still affects me. I don't forsee myself as able to hardcore play but I may check out some of the new content - (bounty hunting in space?!)
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