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Star Wars Galaxies EMU

For anyone interesting in starting fresh and relearning this awesome game they are getting ready to launch a stable server that isn't considered a test server.
Go to this link and follow instructions. Smile I am playing around on the test server for now to get my feet wet.

And thanks to my new computer build, I'M IN!!!!

And by in I mean I'll get it and join you!! lol

If I can get a copy of Galaxies....

EDIT: I've managed to get ahold of a copy of Galaxies, and have already installed and am ingame now, going with Meryl Haddox for my character again, and I'm on the Liberator server, figured that was where everyone was going to head

EDIT: Just figured out that Liberator is the test server that gets wiped every so often, so I`ll remake on another server another day, for now, I`m going to bed haha

I found something out last night that may be a deal breaker for most of you. Space is not yet in the EMU.

They are working on it though. Still, I'll be there as soon as a stable server is made. I'll donate to keep it going too. I love that game.

Also, I love that the server is named Liberator. Just seems right somehow. Wink
"Return with Honor."-Saberwing motto.

Meryl there is no stable server yet. They are hoping to have one june-july. They do need testers on the test server to help test out some of the crafting professions right now though. I went architect/tailor, no suprise right? I have a little house setup outside of Mos Espa. I got my name Polgara so anyone who does help test will find me easy. I have a character on liberator too but haven't done much there yet.. and doubt I will being that it will be wiped at least 2 more times before june. At least on test server there is a friendly frog to help you out, and more people actively playing. Liberator.. its all from scratch.. I forgot how hard it was to level in this game. I will be willing to start from scratch mind you, but once I know the hard work isn't wasted

Good to know, and I'll likely start up a new char on the test server later today and see if I can add/find you. I never actually played pre-CU, I joined the game a week or two after the CU went live, but somehow I got a badge for playing pre-CU haha

got it installed and all available servers will be wiped now and then untill final release so they are all test servers with the nova one being the one where most of hardcore testing is supposed to be at.

Very cool! Syn and I may have a look at this, this weekend! We actually still have our SWG discs I think. Buried somewhere in our basement, with stuff that never got unpacked lol! We've been in EQ2 lately, but I would love to give this a try!

I cant wait to see how this turns out. Got my name registered too. Here's hopeing for some good stuff.

Tiberious Respec Jedi CL 90, Dang that Dreded NGE

Tibber D'tiger Officer CL 46, Recpec Ent Lvl 90

Return with Honor

SW:TOR Beta Testing Squadron 238

Tiberious Wrote:I cant wait to see how this turns out. Got my name registered too. Here's hopeing for some good stuff.

TIBBS! Come back to TOR man, I know you miss Kira LOL

Looking into it again when it goes live for sure.

I should seriously get into this but meh, cba trying to get hold of a copy, all i can seem to find on amazon and such are the expansions

I might be able to help with that...
[Image: sig.jpg]

NightFire Wrote:I might be able to help with that...

oh? :|

I've played the EMU off and on over time. I still have mine up to date. I might sneak in.

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