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Finally found a group to help me craft my Mandalorian armor

but since I only got time on weekends to do it, i'm hoping to get a few runs in every weekend if possible, it's long overdue.

I'd love to help you but I work on weekends. Narf!
"Return with Honor."-Saberwing motto.

You can't even wear it......

he might be able to wear it in the cosmetic panel . An have the whole " look at me I'm a mandolorian wielding a lightsaber " theme going on . SoE I think fixed that bug but who knows haven't played in over a year ^^.

I think they fixed that Kat.... dunno I got 2 mando armors myself....

I've got a red / suit with black trim . still on display in my Yacht . Never wear it. Just keept it displayed as a momento from my bh days pre cu .

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