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hehe seems soe gave me a free month to come back an check out EQII . Any sabers playing EQII ? I recall Quor was at some point ? .

I wounder if I have a free month. What server are you on? I think my char is on antonia vail or something like that.
[Image: image.php?type=sigpic&userid=19&dateline=1208027303]

mine are on several servers ... antonica bayle , perma frost , luclin d'lere , and runny eye on the eng euro server .

should be having a lvl 60 something monk on antonia bayle, did not get a free month offer by mail though...

Syn and I have recently resubbed to EQ2. Its always been a fun game, and despite the SOE hate, they've definitely never done eq wrong lol.

If anyone still plays on Antonia Bayle server, toss us a message or mail.

Main char is Sabriel, or Lirael. Syns new char is Malcont.. we're playing a coercer and wizard combo this time, something new Big Grin

Prolly gonna peep in if I get a free month or two from them.. not going to be a paying subscriber again as it is.

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