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Activity Report

Ran EV storymode with Karmic Debt ---
was a blast.. wound up grabbing Lefford and Quiks from RD to fill the last two slots.....
showed them a good time... and they're 100% capable to do whatever we would need any of them for.....
[Image: 31e45c01ee196e1a.png]
[Image: ayuDS.jpg]

also .... wound up doing EC storybode last weekend with Rep Def's and got the Gargantuan Twins and Tanks down with ONE SHOTS.... and then the group fell apart at minefield... again.... so... i have exsperience!
[Image: 31e45c01ee196e1a.png]
[Image: ayuDS.jpg]

Had another successful EC story run with Republic Vanguards tonight. Toth and Zorn, and Kephess, both acted weird at times, but we got it done.
[Image: c7d71adaf411d129.png]

KP Story mode with Republic Vanguards. Apparently they absorbed Military Gamers recently, and were gearing up some new people.
[Image: c7d71adaf411d129.png]

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