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Game play video

Some guy in beta fraps the game for 90 minutes and put it out there.
[Image: image.php?type=sigpic&userid=19&dateline=1208027303]

Nice find ;-)

it's not loading for me...

nevermind it's working now Tongue

This looks way better than any game i've seen or played :O

hehe that poster better hope he doesn't get busted by bioware Sad .... in a site here . posting tid bits could get me bounced from beta ... but a video like that ... is asking to be punted from beta Sad ... tho on the plus side everyone gets to see the game play as it currently is like .

Yeah, well, maybe his beta time was up.
[Image: image.php?type=sigpic&userid=19&dateline=1208027303]

good point !

As a note, searching the justintv site with that characters name gives a bunch more videos, but they all say that it is a private channel...
"Ghost Legions? Bunch of common criminals... they shouldn't give us any problems sir." - Last transmission of Col. Henry Driver, 4th Tau Ceti Lancers.

Yeah, he had to know that they would boot him from beta for that.
"Return with Honor."-Saberwing motto.

Hmm not working anymore?

Bioware prolly had it taken down ... Hehe bioware when they accept someone into beta . they first send you a letter from there offices in austin . then they send you a package which is the nda ... it's a 25 page legal letter sized document .requiring you to read an sign it . in it is the usual clauses , along with a 7 page bit , that a major violation of the nda , will and can result in legal actions . along with stiff fines of upwards of 35 000 usd . After you sign off on that you send it back to bioware . they in turn send you the dvd install disks .and the beta key .

Also the idiot who leaked the video also listed all of his characters , and had a combined 5 hours worth of video footage . Bioware was less then thrilled by this breach ... AN have issued all beta testers an updated outline of what any thing can be leaked . the video uploader . was removed from beta testing by bioware . and that account is now perma banned . the accounts payment info also has been kept on file by bioware , any new accounts that user creates will also be perma banned . there not kidding around .

biowares even gone so far as to outright ban accounts in beta that have openly advertised credit farming .

Credit farming in beta. What will they think of next.
[Image: image.php?type=sigpic&userid=19&dateline=1208027303]

was pretty disgusting seeing that ... but they are getting punted off as quickly as they spam advertise ... Bioware seems to be religiously cracking down on that . A good sign .

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