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Goodbye Galaxies

I'll take one or two!

Ditto. I don't think I need to resub Scy...unless Chen gets mugged too many times as jedi...will send you a self addressed stamped if you want :-p Or just gimme codes Big Grin

well im sol jumping on this bandwagon, but I could at least give my billions away Big Grin

Dirbot Wrote:but I could at least give my billions away Big Grin

If you still have them, I'm fairly sure my characters are all broke due to the housing tax crap, if that's still going on....

Tid bits from Lucas arts , the descion to close galaxies was to coincide with the Launch of ToR . Lucas arts feels what remains of the galaxies community will ultimatly migrate to ToR . So they felt along with SoE that galaxies run was over . and galaxies has not been a sustainable product for the past two years . Memberships dwindeld to low numbers . Lucas arts and SoE both looked at going to a pure free to play model but felt they couldn't sustain the game long term under that model . So it will be closing down .

So TOR is coming out on Dec 16th.
[Image: image.php?type=sigpic&userid=19&dateline=1208027303]

arch I still believe it's comming out end of november around your american thanksgiving holiday . or a lil before then .

It is kinda sad... had alot of good memories in SWG in the past, I feel sad its going to die.. and even more sad I didn't sell my account a year ago... could prolly had gotten quite the amount for it by then.

BioWare and SoE is under control of Lucas Arts when regarding this SW franchise... be assured of that, no gaming company would release New Generation without it being polished either, doubt SoE is to blame but the company behind the brand rather forcing it through.

Remember SWG for its good community and the many friends we had along and met and had fun with... remember the days when doing the instances required 20 man groups... and such.. was fun times.

Btw could log on and just start playing Smile

QuorTek Wrote:Btw could log on and just start playing Smile

Quortek, you need to sign into and join saberwing Tongue

Cillian Harth Wrote:Quortek, you need to sign into and join saberwing Tongue

No I don't have to, can sign in when I get the game, have pre-ordered it already

Quortek, since you pre-ordered, you should hop on the website and tie it into your user account. While you are at it, apply for the Saberwing TOR guild so when the game launches you will automatically be added and we won't have to hunt you down.
[Image: BRQ8v.gif]

If we end up on a free PvP server I am so hunting Q down.
[Image: image.php?type=sigpic&userid=19&dateline=1208027303]

QuorTek Wrote:No I don't have to, can sign in when I get the game, have pre-ordered it already

Just as Hanak said *points above* :lol:

could also make my own guild you know, want to play the game with my GF, dunno what the theme is in SBR wish we could be permitted to use both sides of the schwartz Smile

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