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Goodbye Galaxies

no worries.. if he get too out of hand I will fwap him upside the head for you

Hey, I get decide how I want to play MY character Tongue
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giggles . I can sooo see Pol slapping Nis an informing him this is how it's done ^.:crazy:

Having met both of them in real life I can honestly say that yes, she most definitely would :lol:

We play it up for y'all. Gotta be entertaining Big Grin
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As if meeting a real hobbit isn't entertaining enough :mep:

lol I don't beat him... too much

Starfire Wrote:LOL Nis. I may enforce the Saber is only Republic rule, but I could never ask that we all stick to lightside choices. I know damn well you will make instances interesting with your darkside responses to everything.

Fine, we shall make an Evil version of Saber Wing, hmm, Rebas ... no, Rabes. Yes, Rabies Wing, we are infectious!
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Evil Saberwing huh? What would our motto be? Return with cookies? =P
"Return with Honor."-Saberwing motto.

No cookies for you ... but here have a can of cod liver oil soda ! , we call it slurm for short .

No cookies? Aw....Confusedad:

Hmm. I think I'll pass on the cod fish... thing. Thanks though.
"Return with Honor."-Saberwing motto.

I have cookies.
[Image: BRQ8v.gif]

And I logged back into Galaxies... Didn't resub though oddly enough, they just let me log back in... Oh well, I won't complain about free time lol

So, who else is still playing at this time? I know Cillian is, but anyone else?

Jen can log in for free too. I probably can but haven't cared enough yet to try.
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