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Best SWG Memory Space

Right oh , back to best space moment .....

For me it was back in pre nge . during the CU era ... I was an Imperial ace pilot with THM , and we were doing the final end space mission at Kashyyk . which was a bloody tough mission but we managed . It was the hairesyt battles pve wise I'd ever encountered in space . we were all in Tie interceptors as Xalya wanted a challenge an Asenie felt we were all crack pilots so it'd be a cake walk ... Was anything but ! ... Tho the fun from that mission really helped make Space fun . It's a travesty that SoE never bothered to have the combined ground an space elements that was delivered with the Kashyyk expansion .

Best Space memory in Saberwing .... Easy . Doing our weekly faction grinds in Quor's gunship ! Or doing the weekend space PVP events.

Oh man, best space memory? Well after SBR kind of calmed down a bit and some had unsubscribed, I didnt go up into space that much.

But, I do remember pre-nge I had at that time half or maybe a little more of the tree finished. I would go up in my y-wing longprobe (with very basic components because at the time I didnt really understand it) and got killed a lot and killed a few NPC Imps along the way. Just like with the Force Sensitive tree, I took my time.

Well, then NGE hit and I really didnt know what to expect as far as pilot progression. I was pleasantly surprised. The NGE had moved my progression to just about 3/4 of the way done. But, based on my skill the duty missions etc were difficult for me. But, once Quortek joined SBR and expressed interest to help anyone that needed help in space I jumped on the opportunity. By that time though, I was just on the edge of getting the final mission with the corvettes, and once we realized that killing Imps in space made getting GCW a lot easier, I did space for two main reasons.

So then I finally got the final mission and I got a lot of help from Saberwing (as always and I am eternally greatful), I finally got Ace. I was very proud to the wear Ace pilot title...until I got asked all the time to help others (other than SBR) with the final mission.

I didnt really go up in space after SBR slowed down. I did enjoy space though and oddly enough I started over to get another Ace pilot, then I come back from vacation. I signed into the boards and found out about the shutdown. I still might complete pilot, but as of now I still don't do a lot when Im logged in

Sorry this turned into sort of a rant but, its still a memory/

Is good stuffs... almost made me forget the PvE fun in the POBs as well as casual fighters.

The GCW thing.. mhmm yes was the best and fastests way of getting them points... and massive loads of targets... but to come back to some of the stuff.. ya guys remember when the new space station came and we all went in two different POBs taking on corvettes? I remember that as an awesome thing.. was like one flew in as a shield getting agro.. while gunners and second moved in on other side.. basically raping them... hehe remembering having to target components and such Smile

Also remembering the gunboat hunt from the graghs cant remember there names exactly... but being hunted down by dunno how many gunboats knowing entire event had a timer on it.. was intense.. kind of a grind... but good drops and a challenge.. remember succeeding it with a starfighter as well.. was rough... and got final one in last minute.

Ya sorry for throwing the thread off course.

Back in 2007, Doc, Mep and I were participating in the weekly Starsider Space Event. We were in the middle of a full-blown furball while I was covering Doc's wing. Doc started taking fire, so I fell back far enough to cover him. Don't remember exactly which Imperial pilot it was, but I was in my Advanced X-Wing and I believe Doc was in his A-Wing. As the Imperial lined up on him, Doc guided him straight into my targeting, and with a single, well aimed shot, the Imperial burst into a shower of flame and sparks that scattered through the sector.

Best space moment for me.. Pulling a Mep-style one-shot. =)

For me the best times I had in space started from the very beginning. SWG began it's downfall for me with JTL, as I spent so much time in space I half forgot how to fight on the ground! Doing random patrols with Nis and Doc when we first started, floating around that PvE furball cluster in Dantooine space when...gosh was it Pol kept getting stuck out there? First time swooping in on a corvette with all hell breaking loose.

The trend I've found is that when everyone's new and exploring and it's all new to everyone is when I have the most fun. Once the game gets settled into the brinksmanship of the new uber-build, nerf it, makes a new build, nerf the method used to beat this dungeon because it's "not as intended" etc, that's when an MMO loses its luster to me. The ONLY time this didn't happen was in space in SWG. I could have stayed there forever...still on the few occasions I've been on since "officially" leaving SWG, that's really all I do.

Who the HELL has my engines? Smile

What engines? Tongue
I may have them, I know I have the shield.
[Image: BRQ8v.gif]

Ah yes. The legendary shield.
"Return with Honor."-Saberwing motto.

Technically those shields belong to whoever happens to be Wraith Squadron CO.. which is me =P

Those belong to the highest bidder, which was me! Big Grin
[Image: BRQ8v.gif]

Charity case?

Actually yeah, it was to go to the Crystal Hollow treasury since Scythe was leaving the game.
[Image: BRQ8v.gif]

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