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What server type should we play on?

Cillian Harth Wrote:I've issued your concern on east coast servers here if you want to take part in the conversation, but I think we should be on a RP-PVP east coast server that would be our best bet.

It is very difficult to find an RP-PvP server to state those facts... merely since RP'ers hates PvP'ers and vice versa, the way it was on starsider though was people with a mix of two... but the dirt side PvP'ing remained on the other servers for good as it is, space PvP though remained on starsider to the end as it is.

You have to think about that SWG had a very few players on there servers and only when they shut down servers people where forced to go to places where there actually was people as well.

As it is I am mostly worried about SBR contra everyone else as it is... place the servers on Iceland... seem like a very good base for server operation as it is.

The RP-PvP server Cimmeria in Age of Conan was pretty good actually. There were some a-hole clans, but as a whole there were quite a few good clans that actively hunted/fought them. It made for an interesting server to play on. I definitely got ganked, but I ganked back and there wasn't nearly as much griefing as there is on regualr PvP servers.

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