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Goodbye Galaxies

SWG was sweet, its a shame to see it go, but the lack of progress over the past 3 years has made it very clear that it is on its way out.

Cillian Harth there there is no point selling my mando armor now then?

Nope, you can just give it to me now

Meryl Haddox Wrote:Nope, you can just give it to me now

LOL it still needs to be made into armor, I have all the PLC and Binary liquids plus everything else that is needed to make a full set, but it's pointless now, in 6 months it will all be gone.

Swg Died with the advent of the CU . then the abortion called nge sealed it's fate . It's death throws just lasted 4 years too long . SoE wasn't done milking the noobs of their money ^^.

Yes, the last vestiges of what was really SWG died with those events.

After the Skillpoints were taken out, it became pointless.

I guess I am the only one that preferred the CU. It made things more balanced if you ask me. Sure the icons sucked, but it beat standing in a damn doctor line to get buffs just so I could wear my armor. That was so stupid.
"Return with Honor."-Saberwing motto.

You weren't the only one that enjoyed the CU Kirbs, but then again, I joined up like 2 weeks after the CU hit, so I never was able to experience pre-CU to do a comparison

CU was fine actually. It's crime was being different than preCU. The mix jedi/other professions allowable under CU was actually a lot of fun. CU did add enough to the game to justify the changes/losses. It was the NGE that simply stripped everything from the game without adding to the game.
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^^ agreed, I loved the CU. I miss my force run 3, cloak, and kd. >Smile

Only thing I didn't like about the CU were the visual effects that weren't very... Star Warsy.

Other then that though, pretty good times.
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God this is just sad, now apparently some hardcore SWG players are trying to get a Class-Action Lawsuit

Here is the petition that players have been signing to try to keep SWG online LOL

And last but certainly not least here is someone crying over SWG shutting down


It's like 2005 all over again.
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well the game brought in many new friends , we had some good times . But with time all things end , and life begins anew . while Galaxies is done an dead by end of the year . We all have ToR to lok forward to.

cheers .

I'm going to top off my accounts I have access to (D'hors, Underdark, and Imo'gen) so they will run through September 15th.

I may have a few extras....
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dibs on two cards.
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