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How to Play Huttball

I wish all of the PvP Pubs would read this...

Most of this is pretty straight-forward, but I actually kind of liked his "zone" map for thinking about the different ways to move the ball.

Everett also put together a pair of pieces on how each class can contribute to Huttball. Those are slightly less comprehensive (in his Juggernaut/Guardian piece, he doesn't even mention Force Push...), but still an interesting read:

EDIT - I should add, the polarizing aspect of Huttball amazes me. So many people either really like or really hate this WZ. I remember really hating it when it was the only same-faction WZ available (back on Ebon Hawk when you could play ten WZs in a row and get Huttball ten times...), but now that it pops up only occasionally, I find it a nice change of pace from the usual "capture/defend these two/three points" gameplay of the other WZs.

... i thought you jsut stuck the ball inbetween your asscheeks and RUN LIKE HELL hoping a sithie doesnt dislodge it.....
[Image: 31e45c01ee196e1a.png]
[Image: ayuDS.jpg]

You have that problem with the Sith alot eh Snow? Tongue

On topic: this is a sweet little article with a generic way of presenting the game to a casual player.

I would like to see some more on coordinating squads to clear routes through to the specific zones, strategy on when to kill and when not to kill, and how to utilize the jump jets.

Thanks for sharing this!
[Image: BRQ8v.gif]

@Snow - I suppose holding the ball up your ass is a viable strategy - perhaps it dissuades Sith from trying to take it, knowing where it's been...

@Hanak - One thing that was clearly missing from his "every class is useful" column was a comprehensive discussion of slows/stuns/knockbacks. I imagine this was due to the fact that he's writing primarily for Pubs (where coordination is difficult), but it would have been nice to have some portion about "when to slow/stun/knockback, when not to slow/stun/knockback."

Huttball is easy. Ever notice when they score you're either behind the shield or fighting for your life cause a couple of them are on you? It's simple, the team with the most people on the field will most likely control the ball and score. Yes there are some skill sets that help advance the ball very quickly. However those skills can not be used behind the shield.

Huttball is also a game of motility, those with a lot of motility will find themselves in a position to hit the ball carrier, advance the ball or simply kill the guy with low health. This is best done by jumping, stealthing and then running. If you are a commando, you just walk and shoot everything you see cause they will see you.

So in summery, Shot Them In The Face To Win.
[Image: image.php?type=sigpic&userid=19&dateline=1208027303]

Could not agree more mep... slow ass trooper... go shoot them in the face.. better designed for Jedi that map is.

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