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Guild Info/Guild Tab Guide

Saberwing is a Republic guild on the Ebon Hawk server (PvE-RP).
While we do RP a little here and there, you won't likely see it in guild chat.
We enjoy PvP and PvE. While PvP is by far most easily accessible, there are many people willing to do PvE (and we rock the socks off of operations).

In general:
Operations are done: Thursday - Sunday (start, continue or finish)
Flashpoints are done: Anytime!
PvP is done: Monday - Wednesday (ranked nights are Mon and Weds)
World Bosses and Leveling alts are done on Sunday

These are not restrictions to gameplay, but just statements of when things are going on. We do encourage Sunday for alts so people can work together along their storylines - this helps us to get to know eachother more and promotes guild unity.

Due to the game's current limitations we ask that all guild members utilize TeamSpeak (server info found in Command Announcements for registered forum users).

This is by far the easiest form of communication for Saberwing. Even if you don't have a mic, you can at least listen in. Big Grin

We also ask all members to create a Guild Chat tab.

1] Move up to your chat box.

[Image: 002.png]

2] Right click on one of the tabs. Click on 'Create new tab.'

[Image: 003.png]

3] A new box will pop up. Type in 'Guild Chat', 'Saberwing', or just 'Guild'.

[Image: 004.png]

4] Congratulations! You have a guild tab!

[Image: 005.png]

5] Right click on your new guild tab and click 'Chat settings'

[Image: 006.png]

6] Because everything else makes viewing guildchat a pain, leave only these enabled.

[Image: 007.png]

You now have a functional guild chat for Bioware to not let it wipe after changing zones.

Please reference and use the Guild Chat tab often for grouping up and socializing.

Should things seem slow in guild chat or you aren't getting a response, never hesitate to ask any guildie specifically by name (it causes a audible ding on their end) or by sending them a tell. Even with a Guild Chat tab, it does have a tendency to reset when you zone.
[Image: BRQ8v.gif]

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